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Book review: Eat Beautiful: Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, and Loving It

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Focusing on desserts, the beautifully-photographed and inspring new cookbook, Eat Beautiful: Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, and Loving It by chef and activist Megan Stevens makes trading in unhealthy processed ingredients for natural and nutritious ingredients that uplift and nourish your body, simple and straight-forward … and, for a variety of diets and food allergies, for people with all levels of baking experience.

No matter what types of food allergies you have, this book can help you find the right ingredients to substitute, making sure the finished result tastes great and maintains its nourishing value! With careful attention to flavor, texture, and ingredients, Megan bekons a return to ways people once prepared foods which have supported health for thousands and thousands of years.

Helping to heal gut disorders from personal experience and tried-and-true recipes!

This cookbook was born out of the author’s personal experience; discovering ways to heal chronic and debilitating health issues of her own and her family’s, with real food made at home.

Megan spent some of her childhood eating grains, sugar, and chocolate without understanding what it was doing to her health. She also regularly took heavy antibiotics and was not breast-fed. The result was that her body was hungry and in desperate need of support, and eventually it took her strength and health.  At age 40, Megan found herself diagnosed with 5 major health issues including Hashimoto’s, arthritis, and other problems related to auto-immune illness. She and her husband’s three children also suffered from asthma and food and environmental allergies. After discovering the link between the gut and its affect on wellness, she knew that to reverse these chronic conditions, something had to change. That’s when they collectively decided to pursue a more healthful way of eating.

Facing these hardships took her family through trial and error and dietary deprivations. But ultimately, created trusted and beloved recipes that gave satisfaction and well-being.

Now, Megan and her family have healed their auto-immune issues including asthma, seasonal and food allergies, skin conditions and others which were depleting vitality and the future of their life together as a family.

Watch this video to learn more about this beautiful cookbook that can help you heal from the inside-out!

What if I’m on a healing protocol such as GAPS, AIP, or other?

If you are following a healing protocol such as GAPS or AIP to restore gut health, if you follow a WAPF or Paleo-inspired diet, or are simply looking for healthful alternatives to prepare your favorite desserts, treats, and meals with nourishing ingredients,  I think you’ll find this cookbook an essential tool for your kitchen! This is especially true if you have a child following a healing protocol.

What if I am allergic to eggs?

Megan has you covered! Included in this book are various recipes that keep the egg-challenged individual in mind.

Don’t grain-free recipes compromise texture and flavor?

Megan discusses how many modern real food recipes include commercial almond flour and coconut flour which can be lacking in nutrients, and why there are nutritious, safer choices for when you need grain and nut-free options, while still imparting the flavor and texture true to traditional baking recipes.

It’s refreshing to see thoughtful, well-crafted recipes to nourish which also provide critical nutrients to satiate the body. Feelings of unsatisfied hunger, which frequently accompany disease and malnutrition, can lead to making less-than-optimal choices to fill that need, often with junk and nutrient-deficient “foods”. Megan’s new book provides healthful alternatives to many of your favorites, without compromising on quality, taste, or nutrition.

Aren’t grain-free recipes more complicated?

The grain-free baked goods you’ll find in this cookbook can be easier to prepare than those outlined in many modern baking recipes. You’ll learn a new grain-free baking technique that will allow you to prepare easier-to-digest recipes.

Can I still have my old favorites and comfort foods … only healthy?

Looking for a traditional pumpkin pie, apple pie, or blueberry muffin recipe, but healthy, and still delicious? You’ll find these plus 3 different ways to make icing, 4 chocolate chip cookie recipes, and options for unrefined sweeteners to meet everyone’s dietary needs and considerations.

You’ll find some of your most treasured comfort foods including savory meat and vegetable pies, sweet or savory waffles, chocolate cake, ice cream with dairy-free options, cookies, scones, pies and more in this compilation of time-tested favorites that the author has prepared for her family as well as served in the cafe she owns.

I think you will be grateful for this lovingly prepared cookbook by Megan Stevens, with basic and simple recipes which offer alternatives to guide you to success on your healing journey.  When folks consider a gut-healing protocol, one of the most common hesitations is that foods they once enjoyed are now off-limits. One of my favorite things about this book is the emphasis on using whole foods grown naturally and in season, and knowing that one can still enjoy treats and desserts while healing by using the techniques and recipes offered in this splendid book; using simple preparation and wholesome ingredients.

With this purchase, you will receive the e-book and 5 FREE bonus videos created by Megan to help you get on the healing track with delicious, nutritious homemade recipes!

Eat Beautiful: Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, and Loving It by Megan Stevens, e-book plus 5 FREE videos!

Softcover, paperback via Amazon affiliation



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