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Real Plans, real food: healthy meals made cheaper and easier

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What is Real Plans?

Real Plans is a customizable, meal-planning subscription service engineered to enable you to eat the real wholesome foods you want, while saving you money and time. Enjoy meal time again!

Save money with Real Plans

We get it. You want to eat healthy, but it sure can be expensive and exasperating.  Getting even one healthy meal on the table each day can seem impossible, yes?

But, meal planning can save you money by cutting out the waste, AND making delicious and fulfilling meals at home, super easy!

With planning, buy ONLY what you need

If you walk into the grocery store with a printed list of specific items to buy, you will save money. Period. With a good plan, you won’t be at home thinking, “…shoot… I have to go back to the store to get carrots…” How many times have you done that? Be honest.

Or worse: you walk into the grocery store hungry and find out you bought just a few “impulse” items. Been there. Done that. Mitigate those money traps by planning.

Planning makes food prep quick, easy, delicious and FULFILLING

If planning what to have for dinner and lunch the next day makes you want to throw up your hands in exasperation and cry, you are not alone. Enjoy meal time again with Real Plans!

Let our experts plan out your meals with this interactive, kitchen-tested, family approved meal planning service that lets you have delicious, exciting and most importantly, fulfilling meals!

Your food is ALWAYS better than a restaurant

If it were way easier to make your own food and your meals were delicious, fulfilling and make you feel good, you would be far less tempted to go out to eat – which is a “no brainer” money saver. Planning makes this possible.

Stay on TARGET and see an ROI

Real Plans won’t abandon you. We know it’s hard to walk the narrow path. Real Plans arms you with the tools you need to stick to the plan, and see a return on your investment many times over. With cost savings at the grocery store, the farmer’s market, the gas pump and the doctor.

We want you to succeed!!!

Paleo, traditional, dairy-free, vegetarian, Real Plans has you covered

Part of what makes Real Plans unique is that the creators of this planing service, like you and me, come from the community. They walk the walk, and understand the various real food challenges. They are also familiar with the various real food lifestyles. That’s why Real Plans offers planning tailored toward real food lifestyles:


Paleo, now featuring recipes from Nom Nom Paleo!

and  Vegetarian

Click HERE to go to Real Plans and start saving money and time on meal planning!

Unique. Customizable. Easy!

Real Plans is not just a PDF or app you download onto your computer, tablet, or phone. Unlike some meal planning services, Real Plans is a customized subscription service that builds menus AND recipes for you and your family each week. Real Plans lets you choose the ingredients and products you want for EACH and EVERY meal.

Adaptable to your needs

Sending someone to the store and want to make sure the type of olive oil you want is used? No problem. Simply add it to the Shopping List.

Want to change a recipe to include different ingredients? Simply add or remove an item to or from your recipe, and those choices will automatically  update in your personal Shopping List.

Serving a  larger crowd for a special event? Not only can you customize gluten or dairy-free for guests, you can even tell Real Plans to adjust ingredient amounts on recipes to make your gathering a cinch. How cool is that?

Make meal prep a snap: on budget, and in any situation

What about meal prep? Real Plans helps you stay on budget with a timeline that helps you plan out your meals for the whole week.

Don’t want to print out an entire recipe? Your online recipe box lets you choose which pages to print!

Need to view a recipe from your smaller device in the kitchen? Pop out your iPad or laptop in front of you in the kitchen and make your meals!

What about special dietary considerations?

What if you are a traditional foodie but want a gluten-free option? Easy. Simply customize your Real Plan for gluten-free ingredients.

Paleo, but include dairy in your meals? No problem. Real Plans lets you add dairy to your Paleo.

Are you on a vegetarian diet with dairy-free needs? No worries. Any of these requests are a snap with Real Plans!

Follow this link to watch the video and see how to tailor your meal plans to work for you!


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