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Book review: Eat Beautiful: Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, and Loving It

by Focusing on desserts, the beautifully-photographed and inspring new cookbook, Eat Beautiful: Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, and Loving It by chef and activist Megan Stevens makes trading in unhealthy processed ingredients for natural and nutritious ingredients that uplift and nourish your body,…
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Nourishing and satisfying alternatives to coffee

by I have heard a lot of people describe how they need their morning coffee to “get going”. Some are writing about the benefits of Bulletproof Coffee. I have personally not drank coffee for over 20 years. I was forced…
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Real Plans, real food: healthy meals made cheaper and easier

by What is Real Plans? Real Plans is a customizable, meal-planning subscription service engineered to enable you to eat the real wholesome foods you want, while saving you money and time. Enjoy meal time again! Save money with Real Plans We…
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Tips for saving money and food in the kitchen

by Do you wonder how to save money while eating healthy? There are many ways to cut corners and make food last longer, and preserve your budget. One way is to waste nothing (or as little as possible). I’ve noticed…
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